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Who Else Wants Wearable Technology Info?

An activity tracker You may know them as activity trackers, smartwatches, smart clothing or may be as smart jewelry, these gadgets have gained a momentum and have stirred up a craze. A lot has been said about these trending wearable devices and people are still speculating about them. Thanks to the Internet of Things that has made these products so popular that every second person has taken a liking for these smart devices. Here is an evaluation of wearable fitness devices and are all the answers that you may have been looking for before taking a call to invest in one.

Guaranteed No Stress Garmin Vivosmart - Black (Large)

Garmin Vivosmart - Black (Large)
Tired of friends complaining about not replying to their text messages? Want to lead a healthier life and keep a track of the exercise you do? Well simply invest in a wearable fitness technology based device. The market is literally filled with these wearable devices from various manufacturers. The smart devices are easily synched to your mobile so you will receive email or text notifications on them. These devices look like wrist watches and are quite easy to operate. The best one in the market is Garmin Vivosmart - Black (Large). This has so many good features that it has become an instant hit with people all around the world. 

Features of the wearable devices

The device has so many features that you will be prompted to buy this device without a second thought. The gadget has already captured the market all over the world and is outselling the competitors by leaps and bounds.

·         Tap feature to view the stats: The gadget has a nice invisible display which comes on when you give it a light tap. An OLED display illuminates to reveal data such as calories burnt, distance traveled and the number of steps you have walked for the day.

·         Get notifications at any time of the day: With this feature you can expect to stay connected and active with this wearable fitness technology. So every time you get a call, email or text, this device will vibrate and display all the information.

·         Wearable all the time: The Garmin Vivosmart - Black (Large) will keep a track of your progress at all times.  You can wear this device for a week at a stretch before it needs to charge its batteries. This has a rating of 5 ATM so you can wear this for a shower or a swim without any hesitation. You can set the device to sleep mode before going to sleep and it will monitor your rest.

·         Sets personalized goals: The gadget will monitor your activity level and will set a goal for you to achieve. The device will also set your goal for the following day; this cool feature has been well accepted by the people. If you visit the online community you can earn rewards such as virtual badges and you could also see your progress.

Benefits of using these wearable electronics

The first benefit of using the Garmin Vivosmart - Black (Large) is that features you get on the device are worth spending for. If you take a serious look around you will see plenty over priced brands selling similar products with limited features, it simply makes no sense to buy them.  This gadget syncs very easily with all the Bluetooth devices so you can expect to stay connected at all times.

The pros

·         Constant notification is one reason why most people choose this device; in fact a lot of customers who would use similar products have switched over to this brand.
·         The device is highly water proof unlike similar products. So you can wear this to swim if you want.
·         This device has a feature that lets you locate your phone if you have misplaced it. However your device has to be connected to your phone via Bluetooth.
·         The finishing of the device is superb and is built to last.

Some customers feel that the instructions on the quick start are not enough to tell them how to use the device. The device also does not support non Latin languages. Certain customers also feel that price could be lower.

When you buy a product like this you always think of the longevity of the product. Well the longevity of a product also depends on how you look after the product.

·         Handle the device carefully; do not apply pressure on the display
·         Store the device in a safe place when not in use
·         You can use wet wipes to clean the device on a regular basis.
·         Follow the instructions on the quick guide

There is no doubt that the Garmin Vivosmart - Black (Large) is one of the best wearable fitness technology based device available in the market right now. The device is easy to use and us quite affordable.


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