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Who Else Wants Wearable Technology Info?

An activity tracker You may know them as activity trackers, smartwatches, smart clothing or may be as smart jewelry, these gadgets have gained a momentum and have stirred up a craze. A lot has been said about these trending wearable devices and people are still speculating about them. Thanks to the Internet of Things that has made these products so popular that every second person has taken a liking for these smart devices. Here is an evaluation of wearable fitness devices and are all the answers that you may have been looking for before taking a call to invest in one.

Own Your Game With A Strong IoT niche

Wearable Device

How exactly does a startup using IoT stay afloat in a competitive business scenario? Well the best way is to explore unchartered territories and locating niches that may prove to be very profitable. Experts have discovered that wearable technology has more than 300,000 developers and the numbers are growing at a rapid pace. It is predicted that by 2020 the number may be 4 million. What sparks this growth? Read on to know more about IoT niche.      

Upcoming Markets

For the newer markets it is predicted that the consumers will contribute to their growth. Sometimes the connected systems can be very complicated but system architects connect technical aspects with the business requirements making sure that everything will run without any problems. This will include a deep understanding of business goals and technical skills. Tapping into fresh markets will require a lot of creativity.

Taking Customers Into Consideration

You obviously have to think about the customer when you are dealing with a product. If you plan to solve any issue related to a product you have to have a good understanding of the customer. You also have to choose between consumers and big companies. Also you have to understand that there are several areas that come into picture with wearables. The jobs in this niche do not just use sensors; it involves marketing, machines and data analysis. The money in this field is not just in the technology but also present in all services which connect them. Also there are different ways to make sure that an idea works out.

Using 3D Printing

This is seen as novelty for many people you can indulge in printing toys and various other things. The utilization of printing is not at home but within the technological world. This is very helpful in creating prototypes of new technology. Reliable brands and organization now depend heavily on 3D printing. This also implies that prototyping can happen in very less time. 3D printing implies faster creation, making changes fast and quick selling in the market. This is also used in the medical sector very often. This particular field needs a good amount of creativity. The best thing about these make driven ideas is that they seem to highlight all the importance of such crossovers. In other words, wearable devices cannot exist in total vacuum. This basically combines other fields with technology and helps to tap into other niches. The results are always interesting and fruitful.

The Industrial IoT

This works very well with the Smart Warehouse. The industrial scientists who deal in data will gain importance as the companies begin their connection with warehouses. It does not matter if you are into creating robots that will obey your every command and also create good connections that will help vehicles stay online, there is no doubt that the IoT in the logistic sector will experience a boom. The system can be fragmented under different companies by utilizing styles and standards this is an opportunity for the various developers Experts have conducted surveys and concluded that there will be an increase of 350k of jobs in the IoT sector of the industry. It is also known that the manufacturing sector is also undergoing a huge boom in terms of wearable gadgets. The Industrial IoT is not an entity by itself but a collection of components providing a variety of opportunities to individuals who are keen to seek employment.


This is one of the things that spring’s to everyone’s mind. Every designer and consumer spends a great deal of time thinking about it especially when they want to expand. Sometimes it may give rise to various problems and they need to be checked to ensure that the field if safe and the customers do not feel threatened. This has prevented people from using smart gear simply because they feel that their security may get compromised. Now that IoT has been expanding well into various fields the customers must feel comfortable with the concept of cyber security. The best thing about cyber security is that the user will have many options to choose from. The opportunities are endless as long as things are connected with each other. Skills in CSS, Android, Javascript and Java will be very beneficial to get into this field as the security aspect is expected to become a bit more complex. A recent survey has revealed that the entire world is already running short of a million security experts. In the coming days recruiting good people to look after a connected environment will become a tedious jos with too many open doors.

The Connection between IoT and Agriculture

This is a suitable thing for those individuals who want to combine social service and business. It has been notices that this sector has generated 2.06 billion in funds. A certain company in 2015 had managed to raise close to $400 million which is a drastic improvement to $267 million in the year 2014. There is no doubt that by utilizing IoT is good for making decisions and helps to curtail expenses. This also gives rise to good practices and more food. The population is ever increasing so farming techniques need to be updated. This sector may not generate a lot of money like logistics but it has he potential to raise money. Combing the right data techniques and connected tech may be the perfect way to move ahead.
Well now you have a very good idea on IoT Niche and there are plenty of areas that need to be considered such as smart homes, smart grids and popular wearables. A lot like security the importance of cloud security will increase. You have to accept that this niche has become very popular and all of it may not be life changing but it certainly involves a lot of creativity and a systematic approach in case you want things to run properly. So it is always advised to take things really slowly and not rush decisions. There is no doubt that IoT will usher in a big change.


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